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Important News:

10/21:  My parents have come to be much more understanding over the past two months, I don't know what they think of the site though.  I am definitely considering getting back to it.  Thanks to everyone that has supported me in the mean while, I still love to meet new people!!!!!! Miss you all!!!!!  I can't believe all the hits!!!!!!!!!

8/18:  Brandi is back from her trip to spain! but hasn't been able to update the site at all, my parents found out about it and i don't know what will happen to it, but i will try my best.  Thanks for all your support.  

Baby can you handle this?????  My body's too brandilicious for you baby!!!!!!!

Hey everyone!!!!!!!

I decided I was gonna start a webpage about lil ole me.  I hope by sharing my experiences as a male to female transsexual, that i may inspire others and return some of the courage that was so generously given to me.  

This page is just starting, expect more soon!!!!!!!!



Contact Info:


AIM: sugergurl4

YIM: sugergurl84

Thanks for visiting my site!!!!

Created June 11, 2001

Updated October 21, 2001



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