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Welcome to the picture page, i really hope you didn't just skip the rest and jump here.  

You Can Click on The Picture to see the full size one. 

Early July 2001

Well since i have a limited wardrobe i used the same skirt as the first step.  my makeup was a lot cuter and more natural in these photos.  They also look better b/c my girlfriend took them and i didn't have to use the timer for once.  The outside ones had bad lighting otherwise they would have been so cute on the swing.  It seem as if things are getting better though.  

Early June 2001


These go ta little better, i like the skirt more and my nail polish matched, i used lipstick which was a little overboard.


May 2001



These were the first pictures, I didn't use any makeup and they came out pretty bad and a lot of things went wrong, i was pleased but i still have a long way to go.   

©Brandi Marie 2001